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Nuisance wildlife resides in buildings because of the warmth, comfort, and safety they provide. This may be a raccoon living in the attic, a bat colony living in the chimney, or a skunk living under the porch. 

Unfortunately, wild critters cause several damages once they take up residence in your home. From tearing up insulation and other items to the pollution caused by their droppings, nuisance wildlife leaves destruction and discomfort in their wake. 

But getting rid of that pesky critter is just half the battle. You also need to perform all necessary repairs for two significant reasons. First, to prevent the further deterioration of your building. Second, to discourage new wildlife from coming in. 

A Team Services provides a full Animal Damage Repair service in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. And in this post, we explore some of the most common repair services we offer. 

  • Attic restoration

If you have raccoons or rodents residing in your attic, you can expect them to wreak havoc. Asides from chewing on wood, pipes, and wires, these pesky animals will also tear up the insulation to build their nest. A torn insulation reduces the heating efficiency of your home. A damaged pipe results in water leakage. Chewed wires expose your house to a fire risk. 

Attic restoration involves carrying out all the necessary cleanup and repairs to return the attic to how it was before the infestation. It starts by clearing out the droppings and other materials brought in by the animal. After that, the entire space is decontaminated to kill pathogens. 

The extent of repairs needed is dependent on the extent of the damages. If the insulation has been overly soiled by animal droppings, it may need to be replaced. Damaged woods also need to be fixed to restore the structural integrity of the building. The same applies to chewed wires and pipes. 

  • Chimney cap installation

From birds to raccoons to bats, several animals use the chimney as shelter. Hence, if the chimney cap is damaged or there isn’t one, it’s only a matter of time before a pesky critter takes advantage of it. 

To prevent that from happening, a chimney cap must be installed. Ensure that the cap is made from sturdy aluminum so wildlife won’t break through it. 

  • Crawlspace cleanup and restoration

Some nuisance species also love to reside under crawl spaces like under the porch, deck or shed. Common examples include skunks, groundhogs, raccoons, and more. Under the crawl spaces, these animals leave lots of waste and dig holes that may affect the foundation of the building. 

That’s why the entire area needs to be cleaned up after the nuisance wildlife has been removed. All dug-out holes need to be filled with gravel to prevent another animal from residing there. What’s more, all entry holes to the crawl space need to be sealed off. 

  • Sealing

Wild critters take advantage of entryways to gain access into buildings. Some species like mice can even squeeze through holes the diameter of a pen. Animals like raccoons take advantage of vulnerable spots by expanding the hole at those points. 

To prevent wildlife reentry, you must seal all entry holes into your building. Note that the right material must be used to seal these holes. But generally speaking, hardware cloth can be used to close up large holes, while caulk can be used to seal up smaller holes. 

  • Gutter cleaning 

Birds like pigeons sometimes build their nest in gutters, thereby blocking the free flow of water. If this continues for too long, it can result in damage resulting from leakage. Such leaks need to be fixed. But more importantly, the gutters must be cleared. 

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Fixing the damages caused by wildlife can sometimes be challenging. That’s why you should leave it to the experts. A Team Services will not only help you with repairs, but we will also put measures in place to ensure you never have to deal with a wildlife infestation again. 

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