Birds don’t become a nuisance until they access your attic, chimney, exhaust vents or roost on structures defecating on everything below.

Bird droppings are not just unsightly, but also unsanitary and carry diseases that are dangerous to human beings. Most birds will access the attic through already existing openings made from another animal, or from a building flaw. Once birds access your attic they carry in all kinds of nesting material that could be hazardous to your home and your family.

Birds also bring with them ticks, mites and other parasites.  Additionally, bird droppings, feathers, food and dead birds can breed flies, carpet beetles and other insects. This can be a serious problem. We can safely and humanely remove the birds including any babies from the chimney.



Birds will nest in the inside of your chimney if your chimney guard is missing or not properly installed. When birds access a chimney, they build nests and attach them to the walls of the chimney. Once the babies hatch they can be very loud and annoying.

What we do!

Our Approach

Birds roosting on structures can be a very frustrating ordeal. in order to effectively and permanently solve this problem, we must first identify the species of bird or birds causing the problem.

Once the nuisance species has been identified our service technicians can effectively treat the area to cure the problem.