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A Team Services is proud to serve the residents of Los Angeles County by resolving their wildlife needs. As the most populous county in the United States (with over 10 million people), Los Angeles County bursts with life and excitement.

Common Nuisance Wildlife in Los Angeles County

And with the perfect weather all year round, it’s no surprise that several wildlife species have adapted to take their share of the pie. How? By taking advantage of human settlements to access better food and shelter. 

To explore the diversity of wildlife in Los Angeles County, we first examine some of the most common nuisance species in the region. 

Of the 25 bat species found in California, 24 of them are in Southern California. Bats are an important species because of the essential role they play in the ecosystem. With their insatiable appetite for insects, they help reduce their population. Other bat species also help in the pollination of several plants. 

In the wild, bats roost on trees and caves. But they’ve also learned to infiltrate open spaces in Los Angeles County buildings. These primarily include chimneys and attics. 

Although bats do not chew or gnaw through objects, they leave behind large waste (guano), which is very acidic. Bat guano can accelerate the deterioration of building materials. It also poses a series of health risks, particularly histoplasmosis. 

Exclusion is the best way to rid your house of California bats. But this must be done at the right time. You see, bat exclusion must be avoided during their maternity season (May to September) to prevent pups from being stuck in your house. 

Raccoons are very popular in Los Angeles. And thanks to their intelligence, they have honed their skills to maximize the benefits of having humans around. How? Raccoons will break through trash cans for food. They will also steal crops from the garden. And if they find vulnerable spots, they’ll break through them to gain access to live in the attic, chimney, or under the crawlspace. 

Raccoons are highly destructive. They will damage the insulation, wood, pipes, air duct, etc. Their droppings, urine, and body fluids also pose a series of health risks to humans and pets. 

A Team Services provides an extensive raccoon removal service. And you need professionals like us to determine the best strategy for handling your raccoon issues. Lone raccoons in the attic are best excluded. Trapping and relocation are also other methods used to manage a raccoon infestation.

Rats and mice are known for their insane resilience. And despite our hatred for them, they’ve been able to thrive. That’s not surprising given their high fecundity. 

Because of their tiny bodies, rats and mice can take advantage of tiny holes to enter your building. Once that happens, it will gnaw through several objects. And the destruction will never stop because rodents need to trim their incisor since it constantly grows for life. They do that by chewing on hard objects. Rats are also carriers of several zoonotic diseases. 

To get rid of rats and mice, you must first seal up potential entry holes. Strategically-placed snap traps can then be used to kill the nuisance rodents. 

California is home to three major species of squirrels – tree squirrels, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels. These animals love living in the attic because of the warmth and safety it provides. There, it will chew through wires, wood, and pipes. 

Live trapping, the use of deterrents, and exclusion are some of the most effective ways of handling a squirrel infestation. 

Other Nuisance Wildlife

Here’s a list of other nuisance wildlife that Los Angeles homes and businesses have to deal with:

How A Team Services Can Help Solve Your Animal-Related Issues in Los Angeles County

Every wildlife removal begins with a call to our office. We then send a team of technicians to perform a thorough inspection of your property. This inspection allows us to determine the extent of the infestation issues. 

We then develop a removal strategy that’s perfectly suited for your unique needs. Once the pesky critter is humanely removed, we perform complete sanitation and decontamination before we repair all the damages caused by the wildlife. 

Our goal is to rid you of wildlife infestation and put measures in place that will prevent a re-infestation. 

We’re the best when it comes to wildlife removal in Los Angeles County. And if you need help solving an infestation issue, call us today

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