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Over the past few decades, the need for professional wildlife removal services has skyrocketed in Orange County. This is because many of the region’s wild animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in buildings. From raccoons living in the attic to rodents residing under the crawlspace, there are a plethora of ways wild critters take advantage of human settlements. Unfortunately, these animals leave destruction in their wake.

Common Nuisance Wildlife Infestations in Orange County

California bats are notorious for roosting in open spaces in buildings like the attic or chimney. In a short time, a bat colony will accumulate droppings (also called guano) that will deteriorate building materials due to their acidic properties. Bats also pose health risks to humans and pets. 

Clever and adaptable, raccoons are thriving in the neighborhoods of Orange County. From breaking through trash cans to rolling up grass sod to look for grubs to tearing off the insulation in the attic, raccoons can cause significant damage to your home. 

Squirrels may look cute, but their destructive power is unparalleled. To give you a bit of perspective, they are responsible for millions of dollars worth of electrical wires damages every year. In the attic, they will rip off the insulation, gnaw on wood and pipe, and leave behind feces and urine. 

House mice and Norway rats are prevalent in Orange County homes. These tiny rodents destroy property, gnaw on wood, stain floors and ceilings, and pollute the infected space with their droppings and urine. A female can have up to 35 babies in one year, making it difficult to eradicate them. 

Skunks are well-known for tearing up the sod in search of grubs and insects. And although they would instead remain alone, they have a robust defense mechanism against potential threats. They spray an awful-smelling liquid from their anus that is hard to get rid of from your body or that of your pet. 

Snakes are essential for the ecosystem because they help keep the rodent population in check. However, their scary sight makes them detested. Fortunately, most snake species in Orange County are non-venomous, although a few are not. So do well never to interact with a snake, especially if you’re unsure of its species. 

They are also carriers of several zoonotic diseases, including salmonellosis, plague, brucellosis, leptospirosis, histoplasmosis, and many others. 

For these reasons, it’s never a good idea to ignore wildlife infestation issues. It’s essential to act right now, and it’s advisable to work with only the best A-Team Services.

A Team Services is a full-service wildlife control company serving Orange County, California, and surrounding areas. We are licensed by California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove nuisance wildlife from residential and commercial properties. And in our history, we have worked with thousands of clients to solve their infestation issues. 

Other nuisance wildlife in Orange County includes birds, opossums, gophers, coyotes, beavers, pigeons, and moles, among many others.

Wildlife Removal Services at A-Team Services

There are several options to consider when it comes to getting rid of nuisance wildlife from your Orange County property. However, the most effective alternative is highly dependent on your particular need. 

That’s why A Team Services starts every wildlife control with a thorough inspection of your building. This helps us assess your particular situation and develop a solution that’s guaranteed to promptly and efficiently solve your wildlife issues. 

Some of our wildlife removal services include:

  • Wildlife trapping

Wildlife trapping in California requires a license, and we have it. You have no legal troubles to worry about when we help you trap and relocate nuisance wildlife from your property. 

From birds to rats to raccoons to squirrels, lots of animals seek refuge in the attic. Our attic removal service can help you get rid of nasty critters from your attic and also make your attic animal-proof.

  • Rodent control

Using a snap or electric trap is the best way to get rid of rats and mice. Our technicians are well-skilled in the art of baiting and trap placement to maximize results. 

Although bat removal is best handled through an exclusion. Knowing when to exclude is essential for success. Our professionals are experts in bat behavior with a 100% success rate in previous bat exclusion jobs. 

Wild animals leave lots of waste. Our cleanup and decontamination service will get rid of those wastes and kill microscopic pathogens. 

A Team Services can also help you reverse all the damages caused by animals to your Orange County home. 

Are you dealing with any wildlife issues in your Orange County property? Contact us today to bring an end to your troubles. 


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