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Rats and rodents are by far the most troublesome and damaging rodents found in California. Rats eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Rats live and thrive in a variety of climates and conditions and are often found in and around homes and other buildings, farms, in gardens and open fields. Rats are extremely social creatures and are almost never alone. They reproduce quickly, in 18 months two rats could have over 1 Million descendants.

A Team Services Inc. offers rat and rodent control services in Orange County and many other parts of Los Angeles, CA. We properly and safely remove these unwanted creatures from your home.  We use an eco-friendly solution for the smooth removal of rats & rodents from your home to protect you and your family.


Three Keen Senses

Rats live in a world of textures and navigate largely by touch. Rats perceive their immediate surroundings through their whiskers: These long, sensitive hairs growing from rats cheeks, eyebrows, and chin, are more sensitive than human fingertips. Rats rapidly move these whiskers back and forth, brushing everything around them, detecting every tiny detail and irregularity.

Although, a rat’s whiskers can not detect objects at a distance as our eyes do. As rats move around objects more than a few body lengths away will be blurry and vague. However, a rats close surroundings will be extremely sharp and detailed because of its whiskers.

Rats live in a world of smells. Every object, surface, and breath of air contains different smells and valuable information for a rat. They are armed with a highly developed organ call the Vomeronasal organ making their nose unbelievably sensitive. Over 1% of a rats DNA is devoted to detecting odors, an amazingly high percentage that gives you some idea of how critical smell is to rats.

A rats hearing is over 3 times more sensitive than our own and can hear up into the range of ultrasound. To give you a better understanding, humans can hear up to 20 kHz, but rats can hear up to 90 kHz! Almost all rat communication happens above are range of hearing.

 If you’re looking for a trusted rat  & rodent control service company in LA, call us now.

What we do!

Our Approach

Rats are intelligent constantly exploring and learning, memorizing the locations of pathways, sources of food and water, obstacles, shelter, and other features of their environment. They quickly detect and typically avoid new objects and foods.

Thus, rats tend to avoid traps and baits making both methods Highly Ineffective and often make a rat infestation worse!  When you opt for rat and rodent control services in LA, companies use Rodenticides (Poisons) inside structures. And you can not control where the rat will die. Rats can die in inaccessible areas such as within walls, ceilings, or between floorboards. The stench of a dead rat can be unbearable and can necessitate cutting a hole in the wall or ceiling to remove the decaying carcass.

Additionally, Ectoparasites such as fleas and mites often leave dead carcasses and can infest the entire house if the carcass is not quickly removed. The big problem with most rat and rodent removal service providers is, they prefer commonly used methods (traps and poisons) to attract these animals to them.

Thus, keeping the rats and rodents inside your home. Many rodent control service companies seal up all of the openings on the initial visit trapping the rats inside your home and then set traps hoping to catch all of the rats. This method is problematic in more than one way. How are we different?

Our approach is unique as we employ a DETERRENT BASED, NO POISON METHOD designed to attack and irritate the rats three keen senses. Thus, making your home or affected area uninhabitable for rats or rodents and ensuring the health and safety of your family. The rodent control service is quick to process. It takes 24 hours to deliver the best results. Everything we do is designed to drive the rats/rodents out and away from your home. Once the rats have been driven out it is imperative that preventative measures be taken to ensure rats or other rodents do not return.

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