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Out of all the snakes living in North America, only the rattlesnake, copperhead, cottonmouth/water moccasin, and coral snakes are venomous and out of these snakes, only the rattlesnake can be found in California. Venomous snakes belong to the Pit Viper group.


Poisonous Snakes

All pit viper snakes have a deep pit on each side of their head. Non-venomous snakes do not have these pits.

Pit vipers have scales that go all the way across in one row except on the very tip of the tail. Non-venomous snakes tails have two rows of scales. The pupils of venomous snakes are elliptical whiles the pupils of non-venomous snakes are perfectly round.

Snakes usually don’t cause much damage. They typically just find their way into the wrong place.

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Most snakes are non-venomous and are pretty much non-aggressive. All snakes are carnivores and feed mostly on rodents and other small prey.

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How To Get Snakes Out Of The Attic?

Snakes in the attic come as a shock to many, as these reptiles don’t appear that dexterous. In truth, many snake species are excellent at climbing, as they scale trees to hunt birds and other prey.

Are Snakes In The Attic Dangerous?

Many people are afraid of snakes, as they can be dangerous animals in the wild. It’s normal to wonder how threatening the snakes in your home are, as you want to keep your household safe.

The good news is that most climbing snakes are not venomous. These reptiles are also not aggressive, so you are safe as long as you don’t threaten them.

The biggest threat is newborn snakes will quickly spread throughout your home, so you should address the problem as quickly as possible.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes?

Once you spot snakes in your home, you should quickly remove them. Here are some of the most common snake removal techniques.

  • Repellents: Many people recommend mothballs, ammonia, strobes, and ultrasonic sounds to repel snakes. This method does not work, so you should avoid wasting time and money attempting it.
  • Traps: Snake traps are the quickest way to remove snakes in your home, and it’s recommended that you place them near a wall. These devices use an adhesive to stop snakes from escaping, so you should check your traps often to ensure the animals don’t starve to death. After getting stuck, you have to move the snakes and free them from the trap.

Removing snakes directly is a difficult task, and you put yourself at risk of being bitten. You should call professional snake removal companies to remove these animals, as they know how to safely handle the reptiles.

How To Prevent Snakes Entering The Attic?

The only reason snakes enter your attic is because there are rodents in the attic. These reptiles prey on rats and mice, so you have to get rid of your rodent infestation to prevent snakes. The basics of rodent removal involve:

  • Trapping rodents. Use one of many types of traps to capture and dispose of the rats and mice.
  • Sealing entries. Both rodents and snakes entered your attic, so there must be small cracks or holes in your walls. You can seal these entries using some caulk and steel wool.
  • Securing garbage. Keep your trash cans secured to stop attracting wildlife and deny them food.
  • Removing food. You should remove all rodent food sources in your home. This includes crumbs, unclean surfaces, and exposed grains.
  • Trimming grass. Rats and mice scurry across your lawn to get into your home. They rely on tall grass to remain hidden, so mowing your lawn will leave these rodents exposed. This makes them vulnerable to their predators, so they’ll be less likely to attempt such a bold move.
  • Using repellents. You could try home remedies like peppermint and hot sauce to irritate the rodents’ strong senses to force them to leave. This is not very effective, and you shouldn’t solely rely on this method.

Once you’ve removed rodents from your home and sealed any entries, you won’t have to worry about snakes in your attic.

Getting Professional Help

It’s difficult to find and remove snakes, so you should consider calling a professional. These experts will help you quickly remove these reptiles and any rodents in your home before the situation gets out of hand.

There’s no reason to fear snakes, just call an expert today to have your snake problem disappear!


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