Most squirrels initially become a problem outside first by eating fruits, birdseed or vegetables in home gardens. If the problem is not addressed quickly chances are high squirrels will access your attic. Once inside squirrels will nest and have babies, make loud noises, and use your attic as a personal restroom. Squirrel urine and faeces can contaminate the drywall and insulation.

Squirrels can do a lot of damage in a short period of time once inside your homes. They often chew on wood, electrical wiring, cables and destroy insulation. The chewing on wiring is perhaps the scariest. The stripping of insulation around the wires increases the risk of fire.

At A Team Services Inc. we properly and safely remove these unwanted creatures from your home.


Biology & Diseases

Squirrels start breeding one year after birth. They breed from December to early January and again in June. Squirrels nest in trees, squirrel boxes, leaf nests, burrows, and attics. Squirrels typically have 4 to 5 young per litter.

Squirrels are vulnerable to both parasites and diseases. Ticks, mites, fleas and numerous other parasites are common. Once Squirrels enter your attic or crawlspace these parasites can infest your home

What we do!

Our Approach

If you already have squirrel problems we are here to help. Any damage to your attic or crawlspace can be repaired by A Team Services. A full home inspection will be done. Any nests, faeces. soiled insulation or dead animals can be removed. All affected areas can be cleaned and decontaminated.

Additionally, we will locate repair and re-enforced all entry points allowing these animals access to protect you and your home from future problems.

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