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A Team Services is proud to serve the residents of Los Angeles County by resolving their wildlife needs. As the most populous county in the United States (with over 10 million people), Los Angeles County bursts with life and excitement.

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Are you in need of a professional wildlife removal service in Los Angeles or Orange County, California? A Team Services is the best wildlife control company based in Southern California. 

Southern California is home to a plethora of nuisance wildlife – including raccoons, bats, snakes, and rodents, to name a few. These animals cause severe damages, pose serious health risks, and steal away your peace of mind. 

That’s why over the past decade, we have helped thousands of clients resolve a wide array of wildlife infestation problems. And we can do the same for you today. All you need to do is promptly contact us now!

But first, why A Team Services?

When resolving wildlife infestations, it’s essential to work with only professionals who know what they’re doing. A Team Services has a reputable track record in the wildlife control industry. But don’t take our words for it. 

Read on to find out exactly why we’re best suited to solve your wildlife concerns:

  • Fully licensed and insured.

Many districts have wildlife laws that stipulate the handling of wildlife. Some of these nuisance animals (like bats) are classified as protected species. 

That’s why you require a license before you can perform some removal methods – like trapping and relocation. A Team Services is fully licensed, so you don’t need to worry about getting into legal trouble.

Our technicians are also fully insured against risks that are inherent in the job. 

  • Effective and up-to-date training

At A Team Services, we believe that the best way to serve our clients is to continually refine our methods and processes to deliver the very best. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past ten years. 

All our staff members are well trained and sponsored for further training and seminars, so they stay on top of their game. 

  • State-of-the-art tools

It’s not enough to be well-trained. It also helps to have all the tools needed to get the job done. That’s why our technicians have access to the best tools available, including safety kits, traps and tongs, ladders, exclusion devices, and more. 

  • 24/7 availability

Wild animals never take a break. They have no holidays and will keep on with their destruction. If that’s the case, then why should we take a break?

Whether you contact us at midnight, during the day, on weekends, or even on a public holiday, our customer representative will always be available to listen to your wildlife concerns. And within 30 minutes, we can send our technician to your property to get started. 

  • Warranty

You’re the one paying for the removal job, so why should you pay the price if anything goes wrong from our end? That’s precisely why we offer a one-year warranty for whatever job we do. If anything goes wrong within that period, we bear full responsibility for it. 

  • Humane methods only

It’s not enough to get rid of wild critters. They must also be removed in the most humane way possible. Humane removal is recommended because it puts the animal through the least amount of pain. By treating wild critters right, you can be a good steward of nature itself. Humane removal is at the core of what we do at A Team Services. 

  • Affordable

The cost of wildlife removal is dependent on several factors, like the extent of damages done and the number of repairs needed, among many others. But here’s one thing you can be assured of: At A Team Services, we provide you with the best possible price for any job. 

How is that possible? Through our novel processes and the adoption of sophisticated tools, we can deliver outstanding results for our clients efficiently and cheaply. You get to benefit from that savings. 

A Team Services the best!

When it comes to wildlife control, look no further! We look forward to bringing an end to your wildlife problems!

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